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  • Where can I find more photos/videos of Victoria's Black Swan Inn?
    Check out the photos and videos on websites of other groups that have conducted paranormal investigations and posted their findings and evidence. Also, check out postings of photos on Facebook.
  • What if want to spend the night at the Inn or hospital but I'm not interested in a paranormal investigation?
    We offer haunted "Slumber Not Parties" for groups of 10 or more or a minimum charge of $500. You can have your own private sleepover at the Inn or the Hospital without necessarily doing the ghost hunting thing. A tour guide may be available at an additional charge, but you don't need one if you just want to explore on your own.
  • What if I want to see the venue for my special occasion?
    Property showings are available by appointment. Please contact us to arrange your personal consultation
  • Do you cater?
    Yes, we offer many options.
  • Can I do a ceremony only?
    Yes, but it is general more afforable when hosting the wedding and reception on one site.
  • Are dressing rooms available for the wedding party?
    Yes, the bridal party may arrive up to one hour prior to the ceremony for dressing and photographs.
  • Is there a scheduled rehearsal time available?
    A complementary one hour rehearsal may be scheduled.
  • Are there options for inclement weather?
    For more intimate weddings the ceremony could be moved to the ball room. Tent rentals may be arranged with a minimum of three days notice prior to your wedding for larger parties.
  • Can I pay online for my reservation?
    Yes, see our Upcoming Events to purchase tickets or go directly to Tickets & Payments to make a payment.
  • How do I get tickets for the tours?
    All walking ghost tours require a call a head reservation. Call 210-802-9187 to verify dates and availability. At this point cash will be accepted on site.
  • How long does a tour take?
    Tours take approximately an hour to an hour and a half.
  • How often do you have tours?
    Every Friday night at 6pm.
  • Am I allowed to take pictures?
    Yes, photographs are encouraged to record your experience. Digital cameras are recommended.
  • Why do some group organizers charge more than $50/person for their investigations?
    Some investigations organized by groups offer extra attractions, celebrity guests, specialized technology and incur additional expenses including guest fees, travel expenses, etc. So, don't be surprised or upset if it costs $100/person or more to visit Victoria's Black Swan Inn and Yorktown Memorial Hospital for some investigations, which may include added attractions.
  • Is Yorktown Memorial Hospital affiliated with Victoria's Black Swan Inn?
    Yes. There have been some requests to combine weekend investigations including Victoria's Black Swan Inn on one night and Yorktown Memorial Hospital on another night on the same or consecutive weekends. This was done for the KMIX Radio sponsored investigation last year with great success! Special rates may apply for combined investigations or larger groups.
  • What is S.P.I.R.I.T.?
    S.P.I.R.I.T. is the acronym for Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Institute of Texas, which is being organized as an Institute to sponsor classes, seminars, investigations, events and conferences related to the paranormal.
  • Can minors spend the night at the hospital?
    Sure. Chaperoned teenage slumber parties are very popular. We require one responsible adult for each four minor guests. We also require a signed authorization from a parent of each child.
  • What do I need to bring if I spend the night at the Inn?
    Our accommodations normally do not offer creature comforts like A/C or central heating for paranormal investigations; there are limited electrical outlets and candle lighting, etc. So, you may want to bring your own bedding suitable for sleeping on the ballroom floor. You can also camp out in the milk barn. This works great for ghost hunting because it eliminates background interference with recording/monitoring equipment.
  • Are ghost hunting guides available for hire?
    Yes. We have experienced investigators, who will be happy to accommodate your request for guidance. Guides/investigators and equipment are available for an additional charge


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